Angela Annas


Chapel Hill, NC


Artist's Statement

My goal in painting is to lift myself up to the beauty in life and magnify that beauty so that others will notice it.
When I paint I get into a state known as flow. Flow breaks stress better than anything else. For me it is strong enough that I forget everything else including time and space. Forgetting everything is one reason that I almost topple over backward at times as I am staring at a painting. I feel opened up to everything in the universe. The experience of art is, for me, transcendent.

Beauty is independent of perfection. This is true in people, in nature and in art. I hope by keeping imperfections in my work that I can re-focus people on how beautiful the world is with its organic nature, and despite its realities and imperfections.

What style of painting? My style may be described as painterly or abstraction, expressive, impressionistic, or naive. Beyond defined styles, I think of my painting as being spiritual, physical and organic. Everything that someone might call a mistake if they follow conventional rules, is considered on its own merit. If it ruins the painting, it gets painted out and if it enhances the painting it gets left in. Each painting is thus an experiment in creating beauty, with accompanying trials.

As a frail and hopeful individual, I use the medium of paint with its incredible textures and colors as a tool to create greater awareness, freedom and happiness in the world.

I want to share my art with others, whether it is having them view it or actually having them purchase a painting or reproduction to physically keep. I want to arouse, uplift and inspire, so if one of my paintings lifts you or causes you deep emotion, I am thrilled that it does.

------Angela Annas

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Dream of A Jungian Marriage by Angela Annas


Day and Night in a Sunflower Field by Angela Annas


The Fairy Queen by Angela Annas


Flower Buds Detail from The Fairy Queen by Angela Annas


Rooster in the Sky from The Fairy Queen by Angela Annas


Sunflower by Angela Annas


Closeup from Day and Night in a Sunflower Field by Angela Annas


Party Lights I by Angela Annas


Lollipop Village by Angela Annas


New Orleans Lady Selling Flowers by Angela Annas


Celtic Spiral Chip and Dip by Angela Annas


Black Koi Closeup by Angela Annas


For Sail by Angela Annas


Koi Pond I by Angela Annas


Waterfall at Peter Pan's Treehouse by Angela Annas


Kauai Beach by Angela Annas


Kauaiian wild orchid by Angela Annas


Amy's Cat by Angela Annas


Down on the Island by Angela Annas


Bar Bubbles in New Orleans by Angela Annas


Two Waterlilies by Angela Annas


Flowers at Union Station Market by Angela Annas


May Wisteria at Duke Gardens by Angela Annas


Two Suns Today by Angela Annas


The Majestic Tail by Angela Annas


What if we were really meant to be happy by Angela Annas


Pot of Succulents by Angela Annas


Louisiana Plantation Roots by Angela Annas


Rockefeller Fleur in NYC by Angela Annas


Big Apple Chandelier by Angela Annas